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Our specialisation is consulting, project management, support and services in the field of education and culture. 

Creatrix is dedicated to creating tailor-made education for individuals, companies, municipalities and institutions. 


Our ideology focuses on empowering people to embrace their role (calling /vocation) with creative forward-thinking. 

Creatrix has led and initiated various development projects in cooperation with institutions, municipalities and educational centres.


The Creatrix team participates in European funded projects such as  ERASMUS

Creatrix is a small private company that was established in 2016 in Iceland.  

Signy Oskarsdottir and Magnús Smári Snorrason are the partners, and the team consists of a pool of experts who join the organisation on a project basis.

To contact us send an e-mail to Signý Óskarsdóttir 

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