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The projects we lead promote, in one way or another, culture and creative thinking, awareness and well-being, innovation and sustainability.

We work across cultures and dare to step beyond the norm.

If you want quality and personalized service, you should hear from us.

We'll create something good with you and yours.


Creatrix participates in European projects to promote education, personal growth, innovative thinking and sustainability.

Strategy and development

Creatrix specializes in strategy and development within educational institutions and has led development projects at all levels of education in collaboration with municipalities and schools.

Courses and education

We offer tailored courses and workshops. We specialize in creative work and training. Our courses and workshop aim to enhance creative thinking and creative action within communities and workplace.

Cultural projects

Creatrix works with artists and creative people in general. We participate in and organize exhibitions in cooperation with artists. 

About us


Our values reflect in the projects we lead. 

Dry Paints


To encourage creativity and creative thinking wherever we come.

Rock Balancing


To be aware of our environment and identify opportunities to improve society.



Identifying opportunities for collaboration that promote creativity, awareness and societal benefits.

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